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Not one duck on the Slea

Not one duck on the Slea where I walk, also no Moorhens or Swans – why because a Canoe went up and down from the Hub to Cogglesford Mill 4-5 times 🙁 I did see a Dabchick though 🙂

2 Swans

2 Swans were on the Slea yesterday, the 2 Dabchicks and their little one are also still doing well.

I have been told

I have been told that their is at least 1 baby Dabchick has hatched, there may be more to come ? This just reinforces the fact that the people who want boats on the Slea during the school summer holidays are *completely* wrong when they say that the breeding season has finished by then. Boats […]

Fish being removed

Fish are being removed from the Slea because of the low water levels, click HERE for details.

What a sad state

What a sad state the River Slea is in, this was my first trip down the Slea for a few weeks and the water was very low and weed everywhere, the only ‘saving grace’ is that it would be impossible for boats to use the Slea at the moment. I heard a Dabchick but didn’t […]

Allan told me

Allan told me today that we have a pair of Dabchicks on the Slea, hope they nest and successfully bring up a family 🙂

We now have…

We now have 6 baby Moorhens 🙂 Just like this one… Also some ducklings but no Dabchicks, Coots or Swans.

Bad and Good…

The Bad first, there is a duck on the Slea with one wing almost hanging off, the most likely cause of this is a dog that was not under control. This duck will never fly again and will also probably die soon because it will not be able to get away if another dog attacks […]

RSPCA wildlife inspectors are investigating…

RSPCA wildlife inspectors are investigating after a group of around 100 Mallard ducks with their wings clipped were abandoned on the River Slea. … full story …Very SAD.

Bison and snow on the Slea

Bison and snow on the Slea… not really, I have been away to Yellowstone and as you can see the conditions can be HARSH, we had it ‘warm’ as I think it only got to about -15C during the day, the week before it was colder than -30C…

I saw the first…

I saw the first Ducks nest today with eggs in it. Sadly I don’t think it will survive as its far too easy for dogs and humans to come across 🙁 Also saw The (a) Coot but no Dabchicks, Swans or Kingfisher.

I think

I think I saw 2 Dabchicks today but I didn’t see them in the same ‘pass’ so I can’t be sure, but I am 95% sure as one seems to have a lighter neck than the other 🙂 No Swans (I have not seen them for a while), no Coot and no Kingfisher either, so […]


Unusual behaviour today from a couple of Grey Wagtails… in that they were fighting and I honestly thought one would end up killing the other. They were fighting hard and pinning each other onto the ground extremely viciously. One eventually flew away and the other one chased after it. Another Grey Wagtail was very nearby […]

There were three…

There were THREE Dabchicks on our stretch of the Slea this morning, two together and a third singleton 🙂 Also saw a Kingfisher, both Swans but no Coot.

Lovely view…

A lovely view of a Kingfisher today, it was on a branch and we stayed looking at it for about 5 minutes 🙂 Also saw the Coot and a Dabchick, no swans though so perhaps they were away stretching their wings. Kingfisher from the archives…