Bad and Good…

The Bad first, there is a duck on the Slea with one wing almost hanging off, the most likely cause of this is a dog that was not under control. This duck will never fly again and will also probably die soon because it will not be able to get away if another dog attacks it 🙁

Another Bad is that the nest I mentioned a few days ago is not there now so it has been predated, whether this is by humans, dogs, cats or more natural forces is unclear. The Good is that I saw a single duckling near the Hub, I am not sure if its mum was nearby or not ? and there was a family of 10 ducklings further downstream. This cannot be from the nest I mentioned as there were only a few eggs in that one and ducks tend to lay an egg every other day and then they are all incubated starting at the same time (so they all hatch within a few hours of each other) which takes another 20-25 days.

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