I got a bit wet…

I got a bit wet this morning, I decided to go down the Slea as it was not raining, but when I got there it started, not heavy but persistent.

I did see both Dabchicks and a Mallard was nesting, she is reasonably safe from dogs and humans so it will be interesting to keep an eye on her over the next few weeks. Any ducklings will hatch sometime beginning of March, which is a bit early, so I hope it gets warmer by then.

I was told a Water Vole has been sighted downstream of the Mill, which is good news, however I have also been told that Mink have been seen only about 5 miles away, if true that could be VERY disastrous.

The Slea has got quite a lot of water in it at the moment and lots of water is going over weir into the Old Slea and also past Cogglesford Mill…


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