Monthly Archives: May, 2009


Baby Moorhens, 3 again downstream of the LC bridge, 6 further downstream, only 2 near the Mill but the weather was not very good so the others may have been (hopefully) hiding away in the reeds, and only 2 on Lollycocks Pond, but I think I heard the third so I am hoping all 3 […]

3-6-7-3 … then a fuuny thing happened.

I saw only 3 of the originally 6 baby Moorhens dowstream of the LC bridge today, both parents were there so I think the other 3 have been ‘lost’. Then there were only 6 of the 8 babies further downstream and then only 7 of the 8 near the Mill. I also saw only 2 […]

I was shown a broken…

I was shown a broken window which apparently was used by vandals to get into the Mill, I was told that they trashed quite a bit of it inside 🙁 It looks bad enough to me that the Police will have to take it seriously and try and find the culprits as opposed to just […]


6-8-10-3 -The number of Moorhen babies in each family that I saw today 🙂 The first 6 had 6 last week so we have not lost any of these. The 8 family had 9 last week but they are spread out quite a bit making counting hard, I *think* I saw 9 but can only […]

There are still…

There are still nine baby Moorhens in one family so they are doing really well. I also saw 6 baby Moorhens near the Mill so it certainly looks like their parents lost all the babies from the first brood as they have not been seen for some time. Further upstream near to where the Dabchicks […]

The NINE baby Moorhens are…

The NINE baby Moorhens are still doing well, this is certainly the biggest brood I have personally seen. I was reading a book which said that some Moorhens lay eggs in other Moorhens nests as a sort of ‘insurance’ that they pass on their genes, I wonder if the lack of nest sites on the […]