Sadly the Female mallard still has the elastic band around beak/neck, but she is in a worse state as she now cannot eat and her tongue just flops about, I assume that the band has stopped blood flow to the tongue ??? Alan and I tried to catch her with a net but to no avail, so I reported the problem to the RSPCA who said they would treat it as an emergency. However I believe that the RSPCA came out to try and catch the Mallard the other day but as she still has the problem I assume that they couldnt catch it, so I am not holding much hope that they can this time. If they fail I think the Mallard will probably die, she may die even if rescued anyway, as the damage to her tongue may not recover ??? If this happens it will be very sad that she loses her life just because someone threw an elastic band away – it just shows how tenuous a grip on life all wildlife has and that MAN often makes things worse.


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