I have not been down…

I have not been down the Slea for a couple of days until this morning. The river is still high but it looks like the (presumably) Environmental Agency has mended the automatic weir at Cogglesford. I dont think this has been working properly for some time, when the pressure from water builds up the tilting mechanism should tilt to let more water through but in recent months (until today) I have always seen it in its verticle or non tilted position. This should make the river return to normal levels sooner.

Most of the normal wildlife was seen but I didnt see any Dabchicks :( I am also a little bit worried about ‘one foot’ as I havnt seen him for a few weeks now, he always came towards me for feeding whenever he say me, so its unusual not to see him for such a long time and his non appearance cannot be put down just to not being recognised because of his molt taking place.

We have so far had a good year for Moorhens and here is a picture of the 3 latest babies to hatch on the Slea…


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